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Adobe® AIR™ Applications Wiki



The wiki password is apollo

This is a collection of Adobe® AIR applications out in the wild that the community can update. If you have an AIR application, add it to the list.Fazer site For more information on Adobe® AIR,  or check out one of our AIR Camp Events happing in conjunction with our on AIR Bus tour,  and . You can also check out AIRApps.net for more AIR-related community links. Thanks to Clay for getting this list jumpstarted.

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My links


Update: We also now have the AIR Marketplace which is a good place to add your applications. You can track downloads and have them promoted on Adobe's domain.

criar site


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Adding a link


Feel free to add a link to your application or one you've found to this page but please keep it to applications that are actually downloadable and not just in development. The love and relationships is totally random and the number machiaj mireasa is listed only so we can keep track of how many applications we have. The best thing private detectives romania to do is add a link to the page and not directly to the .air file, but if the application doesn't have a page, make a note with air next to the link. Feel free to add a description as well.Acai Max Cleanse


The List


  1. WebKut by Quentin T
  2. Shrink O'Matic by Quentin T
  3. Pownce Desktop Client by Leah Culver, Daniel Burka, Kevin Rose, Shawn Allen
  4. San Dimas by eBay - A desktop interface built on top of the eBay APIs.
  5. mxnaQUBE by Phil Chung
  6. Auto Transport by Richard Smith
  7. Apollo Twitter Application  removed link spam
  8. Casio Men's Watch Buy Casio Men's Watch 
  9. Tetrominoes - a Tetris-like game
  10. Buy flagyl 
  11. Kuler Desktop by Adobe Pokrycia
  12. SearchCoders Dashboard by Searchcoders
  13. PSG (Proofing, Sales, and Gallery Manager) by StudioCloud - In-Studio Presentation and Sales Software for Photographers
  14. Buy Electronic Cigarette - Start vaping and join the the conspiracy - get a free electric cigarette kit
  15. Casio Mens Watch  Buy Casio Mens Watches
  16. Social Networking
  17. Seo
  18. web hosting
  19. web design
  20. e-commerce
  21. Houston Doctors, Houston Top Doctors
  22. StudioCloud Desktop by StudioCloud- Studio Management Software for  cum sa joc poker Photographers
  23. Enterprise Desktop by StudioCloud - Software to manage a photography franchise or chain
  24. yourminis.com Desktop Widgets by goowy media removed spam rubbish
  25. Finetune Desktop by removed humane growth hormone spam
  26. CodePeek PureMVC Demo by PureMVC
  27. Timex  Heart Rate Monitor
  28. Google 3D Map 0.4 hosted by Spam Link RemovedUtilizes PV3D and AIR HTML component to render Google Maps in 3D mode (was: Apollo 3D Test Application by rost).
  29. Auto insurance rates by Adobe
  30. Resume air by Adobe
  31. MapCache air by Adobe
  32. Maptacular air by Adobe
  33. PeekAgenda by Adobe
  34. SK0-002 exam
  35. Light sensor sofa with sleeper website design for free.
  36. memory
  37. web designer
  38. Seo Singapore
  39. I want to sell my diamond
  40. web hosting
  41. Search engine marketing
  42. seo expert
  43. Alexander Vs Bradley
  44. Car Transport by Car Shipping 
  45. South France Property Sale by Air
  46. Captiva Island vacation rentals  by Adobe
  47. Pixel air by Adobe
  48. biometria by Adobe
  49. Buy phentermine online  air
  50. Salsa air by Adobe
  51. CV air by Adobe
  52. BrZone by moda
  53. 117-102 exam 
  54. bookkeeping services by qualified accountant
  55. ScreenPlay air
  56. Crocs Toddler Buy Crocs Shoes For Your Kids
  57. MINI DIGG by Joe Johnston free adult dating
  58. sohbet by Thai Huynh
  59. Cheap Auto Insurance by Shantay 
  60. Buy prozac online 
  61. Girl Baby Bedding
  62. DiggGraphr Desktop by Arpit Mathur
  63. Serving Bowl  by Darell Perez
  64. internet marketing seattle
  65. search engine optimization tacoma
  66. seo by Sony
  67. AppleCare Gift by Jack in The Box Software, Inc.
  68. business process outsourcing from paul
  69. Heart Rate Monitor
  70. chat
  71. philippine education
  72. dating filipina
  73. Flirting 
  74. OnAIR by Edward Mansouri
  75. car transport by David Williams
  76. Los Angeles Personal Fitness Trainer by Dennis smith
  77. AddressBookExtreme by Edward Mansouri
  78. Adobe-Announcements by Razvan Andrei Surdu
  79. AIR in Flight by Mike Givens
  80. Jobs Air by Samir Ansari
  81. AIR Math Quiz Bowl by Mike Givens
  82. Crocs Toddler
  83. houston criminal attorney by Smith Dennis
  84. Busquem by fofoca
  85. Adobe AIR Music Player by Peter Ent
  86. auto transport
  87. car shipping by Kavin
  88. car transport
  89. AIR Video Player for by Mike Givens
  90. Air's eyes by lafabrick.com
  91. AIRTV 
  92. Fitness Camps
  93. Apollo Desktop Photos by Janvarev Vladislav
  94. Hgh by Craig
  95. CleVR Stitcher by Sphex LLP - panoramic photo stitcher
  96. DiggTop by gskinner.com
  97. Captiva Island hotels by Peter Ertz
  98. Garbage Trucks 
  99. buy аdipex online by Edward Mansouri
  100. FlexManiacs by Edward Mansouri
  101. Flickrin by Ashwinee Dash
  102. Car Shipping Quotes
  103. Tungsten wedding rings by Solomon S
  104. Canadian online  by Gregor Lods
  105. FotoBooth by Rich Tretola
  106. G Trend News
  107. HTMLExample by Edward Mansouri
  108. Limitless Quest by Andrew Wooldridge
  109. MAX 2007 Countdown by Mike Givens
  110. Mii Editor by MiiEditor.com
  111. Direct insurance quotes and rates by Gregory Ellis 
  112. Car Shipping by charles Edwin
  113. Model Selector by Kaushik Datta
  114. MonitR by Brandon Ellis
  115. car shipping
  116. Carpet Cleaning 
  117. MyVacation by Edward Mansouri
  118. migration services by freespirit
  119. NabAIR by Niels Bruin
  120. Otimizacao de Sites by Peterson Meyers
  121. buy meridia online by Daniel Stuart    oyunlar1
  122. Project Tracker by Jacob Wright
  123. Qurlby Ronnie Liew
  124. scripKeepR by Chris Seahorn
  125. Summer bedding
  126. Houston Criminal Attorney
  127. Wedding widget. Get wedding and bridal news and gossip from around the net sent to your desktop with adobe air!
  128. toteNpost by Chris Seahorn
  129. Refuse Trucks 
  130. Material Elétrico by Eu
  131. TwittAIR by theflexblog
  132. twitterAIR by Aaron West
  133. Material Elétrico by Daniel Deam
  134. Free Classifieds by Mark Taylor
  135. ZenOK Online Backup by Michael Quiroz
  136. Sexshop by Presenca


  1. WebSnapshot by Daniel Wanja
  2. AppleCare Search for AIR by Jack in the Box Software
  3. TwitterCamp by Daniel Dura - A Twitter display application.
  4. TwitterAirCamp on AIR Bus Tour - A modified version of TwitterCamp to display tweets to @onairbustour.
  5. AIRChat by Ted Patrick - Chat with the on AIR Bus tour while watching the live video feed
  6. Salesforce.com - simple AIR app by - removed link spam A step by step tutorial for using the Flex Toolkit for Apex with AIR
  7. Admetus by Paulius Uza
  8. PaperPreview by Paulius Uza
  9. Yahoo Answers by Justin Imhoff
  10. Google Analytics widget by Nicolas Lierman
  11. Debt Help by Roger Cones - Step by step finance guides. 
  12. HGH for sale
  13. steam showers 
  14. Photo Mosaic by Derrick Grigg - Allows you to create photo mosaics of images.
  15. MultiWidgets by Fabien Deshayes (fr)
  16. OBO F-Player air .flv player + youtube .flv file downloader from onebyonedesign. Screenshot.
  17. Crypt Studio Alpha. Allows you to load,crypt and save jpg´s with AIR / AES Encryption and Reload it with with Flex Webloader - by Gary / Onlinelib
  18. TorrentUtility by Josh Tynjala
  19. atlanta auto transport
  20. austin auto transport
  21. beirut car shipping
  22. boston auto transport
  23. brooklyn auto transport
  24. california auto transport
  25. chicago auto transport
  26. costa rica car shipping
  27. dallas auto transport
  28. dubai car shipping
  29. ft. lauderdale auto transport
  30. florida auto transport
  31. germany car shipping
  32. guatemala car shipping
  33. honduras car shipping
  34. houston auto transport
  35. jacksonville auto transport
  36. los angeles auto transport
  37. massachusetts auto transport
  38. miami auto transport
  39. ny auto transport
  40. orlando auto transport
  41. panama car shipping
  42. san antonio auto transport
  43. san diego auto transport
  44. san francisco auto transport
  45. st. croix auto transport
  46. tampa auto transport
  47. texas auto transport
  48. uk car shipping
  49. auto transport
  50. car shipping
  51. car transport
  52. vehicle shipping
  53. auto transport quote
  54. auto transport leads
  55. enclosed auto transport
  56. motorcycle transport
  57. boat transport
  58. rv transport
  59. alabama auto transport
  60. alaska auto transport
  61. ann arbor auto transport
  62. arkansas auto transport
  63. arlington auto transport
  64. atlanta auto transport
  65. boca raton auto transport
  66. canada auto transport
  67. colorado auto transport
  68. connecticut auto transport
  69. denver auto transport
  70. georgia auto transport
  71. hawaii auto transport
  72. indiana auto transport
  73. indianapolis auto transport
  74. kansas auto transport
  75. las vegas auto transport
  76. long island auto transport
  77. michigan auto transport
  78. minnesota auto transport
  79. nashville auto transport
  80. nevada auto transport
  81. new mexico auto transport
  82. north carolina auto transport
  83. oregon auto transport
  84. phoenix auto transport
  85. pompano beach auto transport
  86. portland auto transport
  87. santa fe auto transport
  88. seattle auto transport
  89. st. louis auto transport
  90. utah auto transport
  91. vermont auto transport
  92. virginia auto transport
  93. washington dc auto transport
  95. Business Courses
  96. Events Management Courses
  97. Events Courses
  98. Design Courses
  99. Graphic Design Courses
  100. IT Courses
  101. Computer Courses
  102. Travel & Tourism
  103. Tourism Courses
  104. Travel Courses
  105. Travel and Tourism Courses
  106. flump Simple Flickr image download utility. by Mike Chambers and Lee Brimelow
  107. Wowhead Launcer Simple utility for launching searches about World of Warcraft into Wowhead.com. Created by Mike Chambers
  108. AirTalkr by Hu Shunjie. Instant Messenger Application that connects to MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM, GTalk, as well as Flickr and YouTube, You can also view your Buddies latest blog entries, twitters, mySpace profile, Flickr photos and friendster profile using AirTalkr's profile card 'AirCard'. AirTalkr now at http://airtalkr.com
  109. Icicle by Hu Shunjie.m
  110. by Jorge David Simon
  111. by Sallie
  112. AirFly by Chris Hartman
  113. MeetingPulse by ConnectSolutions.Monitor your Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional meetings from your desktop. 
  114. FUZE Instant Messenger by Mike Huntington - FUZE is a light weight instant messenger that allows access to AOL, Yahoo, GTalk, MSN, ICQ, IRC, and Facebook services.
  115. Snippage by Gabo Mendoza - Easily make desktop widgets out of parts of any website.
  116. Toggler by Ian Turgeon - A free desktop interface to the free Toggl Time Tracking software
  117. FEAT by Hexagon Star Softworks - Freelancer's Estimation Assistance Tool. A tool for freelancers to calculate hourly rates and pricing estimations
  118. Klok by Rob McKeown (mcgraphix) - Klok is a personal time tracking application to facilitate recording time spent on projects/tracks featuring drag and drop, calendar view and reporting
  119. Twinja by Biffer Rowley- A Twitter client built in Flash, running on AIR. Allows you to communicate with your Twitter friends directly from your desktop. Refreshes your message list every 2 minutes. Works on both Mac & PC. Removed some pharmacy links rubbish. 
  • vizX by Jason Fincanon- vizX is a visual XML editor which displays nodes in a tree structure on the left while details of the selected node are displayed on the right.sohbet
  • Duty Juke by Chris Long - Duty Juke is a kick-ass mp3 player. It will bring both style and meaning to your life.
  • REDbug by RealEyes Media - The RED|bug debugging console makes debugging your Flash, Flex, or AIR applications much easier. 
  • NetBook by Dean McKee - An e-book browser/reader/organizer of the Gutenberg Project free book library that manages local cached copies, allows offline reading, and audio book listening.
  • RUWT? Sports by RUWTbot - Uses the RUWT? API to help you find the next instant classic in the making. RUWTbot's algorithms will let you know when you need to drop everything and get your butt on the couchpost-haste.
  • Wicked Stickies by Tony Hillerson - It's GTD meets AIR. Simple, but helpful, Wicked Stickies is like sticky apps you may have used, but with a few more features, like todos (something I've always wanted on stickies)and the ability to send stickies to friends. Currently in Beta.
  • cast iron fireplaces 
  • DigiMix - by Alan Queen - aqueen@gmail.com - Multitrack audio editor/mixer. Import/Export .wav, aif files. Bounce your project down to .wav files. Mix it Up! Bounce it Down!
  • AppUploader - by Edward Mansouri of AIRApps.net - Drag and drop your AIR applications from the desktop to the AIRApps.net gallery
  • Media Bandit 2 (.FLV Harvester) - by Chris Seahorn - Media Bandit allows you to search Blip TV, Google Video, Yahoo and YouTube individually or in unison for Flash .flv files to preview and download.
  • scripKeepR 3 w/Source - by Chris Seahorn - Updated for Flex3/AIR 1+. Source Included!.
  • Agile Agenda - by Marc Hughes - A project scheduling application.download new movies
  • Webcam Digital Video Recorder - by Lee Felarca - Record webcam video and export to FLV. Better yet, rewind and fast-forward video in realtime while recording.
  • AIRPhone - by Edward Mansouri - A simple application that is my first effort of building an app powered by the Ribbit Phone Component. Make 10 minutes of calls .
  • Air-Horoscopes - Find out what your stars say for you today
  • AIRPress - by Romain Lefebvre - A blog editor for Wordpress / dotClear that can create "rich" posts (with pictures, sounds, flv videos, webcam recorded video, flash animation...).
  • space
  • kitchen taps 
  • Web Designers
  • Knowtes - by Shaun Halberstadt - Knowtes Übersetzungsbüro is an flashcard-based study community where users create, study, and share decks of flashcards. The libraries (interfaces) are developed with Flex and Air and are highly personalizable. The desktop library includes drag and drop from the desktop, a music jukebox, a web screenshot/image grabber, and automatic updates.
  • mooFlair - by Patrick Tai - More than a simple flv video player, build your own FLV library and save your compilations in playlists. Import directly FLVs from your computer, browse categorised (removed link spam) RSS Feeds or search directly from the most popular video content providers to add new content to your searchable library. If you need to watch all your videos off line you can simply use the download option.
  • Portfolio Viewer - Portfolio Viewer is a free alternative to the investment tracking features of Quicken and Microsoft Money. It offers tracking of stock/fund/cash investments in one or more portfolios with performance and allocation charts. Get started quickly by importing investments in Quicken/Microsoft Money/Excel formats.
  • AIRNews - RSS/Atom news reader that caches articles locally to SQLite
  • Ecommerce Website Development helps you get more from your website with great techniques
  • AIRWar - The classic card game of War!
  • Garotas putas - by David Souza - A blog editor for Wordpress / dotClear that can create "rich" posts (with pictures, sounds, flv videos, webcam recorded video, flash animation...).
  • Xbox 360 Repair Guide - Repair your xbox 360 by yourself
  • Web hosting by gossimer a great resouce for wiki
  • NewzDog-Soccer a soccer news Adobe Air widget.  Readded this one and ericX removed it for some unknown reason. Shame as its a very good app.
  • NewzDog Desktop Alerts get newz alerts sent to your desktop using Adobe Air. Like Google Alerts but anonymous and instant. 
  • CL Desktop (Craigslist Desktop): A user friendly way to search Craigslist. Save your Searches. Save your favorite postings for comparison. View your search results with picutres and descriptions. What the Craigslist shopping experience should be.
  • Posty A front-end application to interact with twitter, jaiku, tumblr, friendfeed and identi.ca. Post with one click, browse friends posts, keep track, reply. Simplify your microblogging!
  • Focused Focused is a full screen application, which helps you focusing on the task of writing. Because “The first key to writing is… to write”.
  • Bed in A bag Clearance A blog editor with various themes for building air applications. 
  • feedalizr by MIH SWAT
  • Online MBA Degree from Marylhurst with provide you with the education you need to become a leader in any business field.   
  • DeskTube DeskTube is THE desktop YouTube application. DeskTube is a desktop application, much like your internet browser. There is a shortcut on your desktop, and you launch it like any other application. What's so special about DeskTube? DeskTube brings the YouTube experience right to your desktop, and adds some style while doing so. No more internet explorer, firefox, or safari to check out videos on YouTube. With a simple double click of the mouse, you've got YouTube at your finger tips FREE of charge criação de sites .
  • Gmail Note by Zoltan Andrejkovics - Gmail Note is a simple Gmail Notifier, with multi gmail account support, and fast access to your gmail workplace.
  • Business Cards - enables small businesses to project a professional, unified image with affordable marketing and print products
  • Warcraft Millionaire - Warcraft Millionaire: The Blueprint To One Million Gold
  • KM-CODEX Desktop Forum System  by Chris Seahorn - Flex / AIR based MySQL forum system with dedicated Guest account. Created with AIR 1.5, this forum is very configurable and allows everything from coloring of panels and text, dropping of images for use as backgrounds, section alpha settings and more to be saved and loaded for you. Thread emailing, forgot password, post editing and more are just some of the features. Guest account allows users to see the board in action without actuallly registering criar sites. Board supports auto updating and features an install dating advice badge for ease of installation.
  • Troy Bilt Parts - Your biggest resource of Troy Bilt Parts Guides online
  • NotifyWire - Craigslist Search and Monitoring.  Quickly search multiple locations and categories and view results as thumbnail images.  Get the items you really want by being the first to respond to Dr. Lisa Alloju's ads with our unique monitoring and alert system. 
  • Web design firms - provide custom website design services and layouts.
  • WoW Gold Guide - you can find out information about wow leveling guide and wow gold guide!
  • Web hosting - provides a resource for wiki webmasters
  • Pool Chemicals - Provides swimming pool and spa products to choose from.
  • cna test Questions - Sample test paper will include some questions that will help you to guide through the pattern of NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program)  cna certification which will also decide your preparations for the exam.
  • pariuri sportive - provides best picks for pbworks.com team.

  • biletul zilei - provides a high resource of biletul zilei each day.

  • Mac file recovery provides data recovery from Mac
  • CD DVD Data Recovery provides recovery from scratched cd's
  • OpLink Solutions possess the technical infrastructure and service experience required to support even the most challenging repair missions.
  • SBC Systems provides self-service functionality, and integrates with vendors and internal departments, making it easier to manage large format digital printing benefits. 
  • Manufacturing ERP System - Intended to help small to midsize manufacturers as a manufacturing ERP solution 
  • yahoomail.com
  • whirlpool baths 
  • casino online
  • poker online
  • Park City Vacation Rental  - Luxury Park City Vacation Rentals and Park City Condo Rentals.  Fantastic Park City vacation Home in heart of Park City.
  • Sarasota County Property Appraiser  - The Sarasota County Property Appraiser is required by law to assess all property within the county every single January 1st. This task is closely monitored by the Florida Department of Revenue who, by law, establish rules and regulations that have to be followed by the Home Appraiser.

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This wiki was created by and is watched/maintained by Ryan Stewart. Send any questions to me at rstewart@adobe.com.



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