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custom logo

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A custom logo design type, commonly known logo is a graphic representation which serves to uniquely identify immediate and corporations, associations, institutions, products, services, events, or any other kind of organizations in order to differentiate the owner of the logotype other entities. A logo design is a trademark generally written using a special cast of characters, and arranged in a particular way, but readable.


The rise coincides with the logo of industrialization, the development of market economy and the competitive environment of the nineteenth century. The advertising is booming and companies need to create identities to distinguish themselves and communicate on the market. More and more manufacturers began therefore to include a symbol, sign or emblem on their products and packaging, so that all buyers can easily recognize the product they wanted. Manufacturers added then the name of the company or product on their sign. The name took a specific form in each manufacturer.


For many years, when a new logo is designed, businesses rely on advertising and graphic designers to create a sign or emblem as a logo that will appear, accompanied by the name of the company, product or service.

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It was also the time that companies begin to associate their name or their product to their sign.

The name takes on a specific form in each manufacturer. We talk about logo design combined is the first time that the sign and the name was associated.



The logo has an important place in advertising today. Some companies have an identity so strong and rooted in mass culture that the brand name does not need to appear next to the logo for advertising campaigns.

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